Extreme Energy Environment LLP

Extreme Energy Environment service is an associate company of OTI GROUP, Abu Dhabi. EEE is an electromechanical contracting company established in 2010 and recognized by major consultants, contractors and customers throughout the UAE. The company has carried out successful projects in governmental and private sectors

Extreme Energy Environment is an :-
ISO 9001-2015ISO


Majour areas of operation includes Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioing, and Maintenance of following systems
  • Air Conditioning & Ventilation systems
  • Water Supply & Drainage networks
  • Fighting systems
  • All Electrical systems
  • Lighting systems
  • Low voltage systems
  • High voltage systems
  • BMS systems
  • Fire Alarm & security systems
  • Street Lighting
  • Natural Gas systems
  • Underground & Overhead Cabling
  • Electro-mechanical Contracting
  • Technical Maintenance of Factories & Oil Installations
  • Water-Desalination & treatment plants operation & Maintenance
  • Internal & External Squares Landscaping Contracting
  • Interior Cleaning & Services for building & Dwellings
  • Maintenance reverse Osmosis Solar & Electrical powers Desalination plants
  • Locomotive Air Conditioning & HVAC
  • IT Solutions
  • Onshore/Offshore Oil & Gas Facilities Services